Genealogy is my main hobby. A time-consuming hobby, but it gives insight to history and is as exciting as detective work. When do I find my next ancestor ? How was his/hers life and hardships ? Where did he/she come from ?

My Swedish ancestors

Most of my ancestors come from Sweden, but I also have ancestors from Denmark, Germany, Estonia and Bohemia in the current Czech Republic back in medieval times.

My wife's Norwegian ancestors

My wife, Elisabeth Sageng, has most of her ancestors from Norway although there are links to Sweden, Denmark and Germany in medieval times.

Some Genealogy related images

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Epitafium from Rone church at Gotland with some of my most distant ancestors : Pehr Bengtsson Norby (c1590-c1655) and his family. According to legend Pehr Bengtsson Norby is the greatgrandson of the famous Danish admiral and governor at Gotland Søren Norby (c1470-1530), but this still remains to be proven by documents from that time.
Stamps used by Thomas Andersson Bergman (1626-1700), royal bookbinder in Stockholm

Some Genealogy related links

is the best site about genealogy in Sweden, no doubt.
DIS-Norge is the association for use of computers in genealogy in Norway.
DIS-Sverige is the association for use of computers in genealogy in Sweden.
GF is the Swedish genealogical society.
NSF is the Norwegian genealogical society.

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