Mats Carlin

I am currently Research Director at SINTEF ICT with a 5 year background as CTO in Lumex AS, a small image analysis software company. I have 10 years of experience as a research scientist at the department for Optical Measurement Systems and Data Analysis at SINTEF where I managed the scientific activity on machine vision and image analysis. 

I have a Ph.D. in Shape similarity retrieval from the University of Oslo. I studied at the group for mathematical modelling at the University of Oslo in cooperation with SINTEF and Hydro Aluminium. The Ph.D. grant was provided by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and Hydro Aluminium AS through the PROSMAT-project "New Modelling Techniques for the Future Extrusion Technology". 

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Scientific interests

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The sport of all sports, at least in Scandinavia. For those of you unfamiliar with orientering, the sport is simply concerned with locating a number of orange and white markers in a forrest area as fast as possible. The markers are all marked on a map and the compass is used extensively. Typical distances range from 3 km (2 miles) sprint to 15 km (10 miles) exhaustion. It is training for brains and body at the same time.
I do orientering in .


I am great fan of icehockey. It is a fast, tehnically demanding and exciting sport with a focus on both team effort and individual skills. My two youngest sons play icehockey for Jutul hockey, while I am playing a game every sunday through the season with Hellerud Piranhas. My favourite Norwegian team is Vålerenga.


Genealogy is my main hobby. Most of my ancestors come from Sweden, but I also have ancestors from Denmark, Germany and Scotland.


I am married to Elisabeth Sageng, and do have three sons

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